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This is only a small part of this Wonderful Story!

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Hi Satellite Sisters,
It struck me this morning as I was listening to your show...that my wonderful adoption story may be of interest to you.
On January 16th 1990 I found my full blooded sister Pat (and niece Gina) and we have been friends and family and Sisters ever since.
I was adopted at birth and brought up Orthodox Jewish as an only child at the Jersey shore...and for many years I was an only child and Jewish (with a marvelous extended loving family) until that fateful day Jan 16, 1990 when I found out I was full blooded Italian and had a sister!

In fact...I had a whole big wonderful Italian family that was happy to find me.   And my Jewish family welcomed them with open arms, too.
But most important and why I am writing you was finding the most wonderful Sister a girl could ever ask for...my sister Pat.
No words could ever express how wonderful it has been to have her in my life.  And I know she feels the same.
What makes my story more interesting is that my sister and Italian family spent every summer 4 blocks away vacationing on the island at the Jersey shore where I grew up...and my sister and I danced night after night, summer after summer at the same teenage dance and never knew!
Since 1990, we have had a life together as Sisters and family and I have been able to be a Zia (Aunt in Italian) to my sweet angel niece Gina and a part of this extended family and their friends almost as rich as if we had been together for always...and altho when I found her I was already living in LA, we have managed to spend lots of time together and I can almost not remember my life without her, my niece and this family and their friends in it.
There is lots more to this story...some very interesting synchronicities.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do a segment or more.
I have written this story & registered it with the writers guild and tried occasionally to see if I could get it to be a TV movie because it is so warm & wonderful and has tremendous lessons for adoptees and birth parents and adopted parents...most importantly there is enough room for love in our hearts to love & respect all for their role in one's life!  
I am using this email to once again send this lovely caring message to my sister and niece and both families and friends on the 15th anniversary of the day we met to let all know once again how much I treasure the day that she & my beautiful  niece Gina came into my life and my life has been even more wonderful ever since!!!!
Satellite Sister Hugs from a very lucky lady with 2 wonderful families,
Joy  aka Zia Joy
PS  I have bcc'd many family members and friends and for the ones who do not know who the Satellite Sisters are, I listen to their wonderful radio show on Sat mornings on KABC 790 am Los Angeles...
Here is their website so you can find out more...they are terrific!

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